Beltrami Co - Bemidji - Red Lake dead monster July 26 1954

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Beltrami Co - Bemidji - Red Lake dead monster July 26 1954 - Fish or Foul, the Smell Ruins Mysterious Lake...
Fish or Foul, the Smell Ruins Mysterious Lake Monster RprrhU in Itit Mlnnnpollt Tribun ' BEMIDJI, MINN. This well may be a piscatorial prevarication (fish story), but it's going to be fun talking about it. Dave O'Rear, operator of Red Lake fisheries near here, has found himself In possession of a six-foot "mystery f i s h," pulled out of Red Lake. It is variously reported as having three feet on either side and hackles (large scales) on its tail. Some say it roughly resembles a crocodile and its vertebrae are like those of a pig or cow, but not a fish. Only thing O'Rear knows for certain is that the thing smells. THE CREATURE first was seen a week ago, the story goes, by a 17-year-old youth who was swimming in Red Lake, in Beltrami county. It was floating on the water and it smelled then, too, the youth said. Possibly that's why he didn't pick it up. Anyway, the story started spreading around about this tning line tnree leet on other at T.M p.m side angle was started by the horn park. youth) and fishermen were on the lookout for it. Sunday one of them dragged it in to O'Rear. He gave it a close look (as close as he could get) and said: "I've never seen anything quite like it." IT'S SO BADLY decomposed, O'Rear says, that he can't tell for sure about the feet. But there are "a lot of strange bones" around, he said. It's not a crocodile and the vertebrae "just could be" those of a pig or a cow, O'Rear went on. Today the carcass will be studied by Dr. Harold Peters, head of the Bcmidji State Teachers college biology de partment, and anybody else in the area who considers himself an expert. "If somebody doesn't Identify the thing pretty soon I'm going to bury it," O'Rear said. Oh well, it's midsummer. Community Sing Set The Minneapolis community sings and band concerts resume today at Powder-

Clipped from
  1. Star Tribune,
  2. 26 Jul 1954, Mon,
  3. Page 17

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  • Beltrami Co - Bemidji - Red Lake dead monster July 26 1954

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