Minneapolis As A Great Iron Manufacturing Center


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Minneapolis As A Great Iron Manufacturing Center - 0 ;;iAY, APRIL 10. ih'iA wjianuPactTj wqcenter...
0 ;;iAY, APRIL 10. ih'iA wjianuPactTj wqcenter Ih-Uh Ih-Uh Ih-Uh Pap.r &. l-u:o l-u:o l-u:o wf.,. . , ' , ' "ltimJ I'-l I'-l I'-l !:!. I-.t I-.t I-.t y..,r or two are th. boil, rs f ,:.. , r-i.'.r,-. r-i.'.r,-. r-i.'.r,-. r-i.'.r,-. r-i.'.r,-. "I i, - . Wis. A Job ,. the s;l.k.1 thc ;f'".V "rT'fS 'I"-- 'I"-- 'I"-- n.-al.-l n.-al.-l n.-al.-l n.-al.-l n.-al.-l under Catholic s.niin.ry i Sr. Paul, w hi, U J. J. a,!'. P-g P-g P-g ' ,'V". ." V T ''V' ' " I S- S- Xt J MoD-,,,.,! MoD-,,,.,! MoD-,,,.,! 1. Paul Sw-:n.s-,a Sw-:n.s-,a Sw-:n.s-,a Sw-:n.s-,a Sw-:n.s-,a erg,,.,, t. , Lumber .. when i -.., -.., ... .. .' :f xi" J':1"" "'" an,. mil ,,uiU as a .ui,i,. th.. i. - . 11 ,1.-...I:U ,1.-...I:U ,1.-...I:U 'u:. '"" Ar -..a -..a .. is sup,.r.,.t..,i.!...it .,f the. work i.esu.., f"fc".,J uy tj tho iulracau of ths orks. was a r 0 f,,, j,,.:. ',' '" j 1',. , ?. I .VV' .. . Northern -.U,: -.U,: bud.Ur.g. S. Vaul; ', i"'; . . H"-' H"-' H"-' '""- '""- 2 f'"t Ions, of half-Inch half-Inch half-Inch pr.-mient- pr.-mient- pr.-mient- pr.-mient- ! r r ,",.'i,..'.". '" ' 1,1 '" North Star Shoe Company's i. ..: lag, ' ... . c,,. I and dmi Is,;-. Is,;-. Is,;-. ,. I .,...,,.,.. -v -v and .Mlm.ca,..,!l.4. (. Th -y -y built a wrung : Iran i.m u I'lTY oil VI CM'A V t boilers ever lun.'.-J lun.'.-J lun.'.-J out in . .. . sm, f,r t! V,,sh:,i!rn A n.;.i, K MU HIM: ... f'-i-t f'-i-t f'-i-t f'-i-t f'-i-t high and H f. et In dijmct.r. TU ., ais,, C'MII V. I contributed a fair share to the oon.-i: oon.-i: oon.-i: ,. uu Tt, of tll- tll- flumes, etc.. of the new IMi.iei - . ... . . . - j. "Hiii t.l f., Vl r f"r una Pelillemun': at ."i factory of tl,o M..ore Carving yllt. :'3 comiany Is ,r.si.leJ over by' C. S rlell, Bui.erliiteri.Unt, wlio haH I n ihe .. r emeiiaiiifi in,m thu Ktart. Tht- Tht- aro K. J. I'heli( presM. nt and n ! F. II. Barnard, vie. -or. -or. sl l. i,t H.-eftary. H.-eftary. H.-eftary. It oy l:u f,.,.t f,,r by e) f.r an ernhrac.fl th ib irtm-nts irtm-nts irtm-nts Jvelley. es ar, area of i;t n imilUinK and frt ' enoUrtf, Whleh K uml asMi-mlilinjj asMi-mlilinjj asMi-mlilinjj Jenurtment. of- of- nn.l a.ljoln-etiam-of a.ljoln-etiam-of a.ljoln-etiam-of a.ljoln-etiam-of a.ljoln-etiam-of iho HI MlM lliov OHK. '. Minneapolis iin ' h ha (Jevelopi.,1 the ' or operation i Work. lll). T8. Worka. making roneern mom extensive in tl.-arly tl.-arly tl.-arly the nit m ,1 Smith & Ki.Wxun. i.r.i- i.r.i- Iilanl i,. r o.u i . -ent -ent in ih in ..., i '. ..." .. ... ., " " "nil, at 'i. rub avenue north an.i First mr.-et. mr.-et. mr.-et. "Hen In the tiiMory of business has one m been able to do what was ii ,ne in imu .,,.... Th,. i,iimoll,, ?.IW Mln ,n lls nitons found It advantaoun to have its machine ho, f,)r tht. r,.a,y r,.)illr ,lf i inm i ) . i nii as th !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron !:,',1'!i--Jf-W-tTTini7HdTron fl moocm way witb no int. n-l' n-l' n-l' enter into the f-neral f-neral f-neral trad-. trad-. trad-. In the !k-V. !k-V. !k-V. It has crown Into one of the mom sive Institutions f IH (, ln Vu. uU iU-h iU-h iU-h and mill there are w.,ri,!s t j tun- tun- Kii,er!nt.-ii(lent Kii,er!nt.-ii(lent Kii,er!nt.-ii(lent of Hie I;iam ,nd Iron s, . A. Wilkinson, is a know l dsf.-d dsf.-d dsf.-d in aw mill trade to be on.-of on.-of on.-of the l.-adia l.-adia l.-adia " 'icsiifin-is 'icsiifin-is 'icsiifin-is at, I inventor- inventor- of ttie I nite, ' reputation anions; saw mill m.-n m.-n m.-n I'sl and bis muchlneiy is known all (he American continent and as far as Mr. Wilkinson has been with ihe "lei Iron Works practically from tbe :nd It wan In itm-nuity itm-nuity itm-nuity which b-.l b-.l b-.l tht-"i tht-"i tht-"i to branch out extensively in Ihe ,!.icture f ;,w mill machinery. It Is line (hat the Olamond Iron Works 'ado Its mark, eoverln in its products every machine r,piii.d about the t -nw -nw mill arid in c..ri,iin Htl.-S Htl.-S Htl.-S Kivhik el" wh it Is universally acknow ledH-d ledH-d ledH-d She b-m b-m b-m n.jchiii.-H n.jchiii.-H n.jchiii.-H c xtant. 'HI? the first Of these to be mentioned Diamond (;;,nK ,.,Ker. It Is cast ;r. one-p;e, one-p;e, one-p;e, e base a, id has the U'lilK " "t havieK Its f 1 roi's .liiv. ri by vith au?omtic take tip, thus .' as.-n-: as.-n-: as.-n-: as.-n-: as.-n-: d.unjcf p, (.peiiitives Whl.il ;llU dent to near drive. The teed rolb iked wit), ,!lmt ,,!(, ,s .,., .v.jr,,,,,. -eiiitii; -eiiitii; the injury to the liurib-v liurib-v liurib-v . - iiirou,-;,. iiirou,-;,. iiirou,-;,. i i;ki,, r lias no eiu.i on t hi- hi- m.i, feature of this ma, bin, 'th' belt tiKilt.-liel tiKilt.-liel tiKilt.-liel . This Is '1 oy patent and l.s r machine, particular K.-i K.-i K.-i ialty i imond Iron works l.ira.T ti' ld of K- K- Wi!ki.t n jiat.-rit jiat.-rit jiat.-rit Tliis pulley has friction cluichcs. i -truelloo -truelloo and ease . -rati -rati n In every . Idiey lii to be foiind i "team plant of "id ! ti.is riv. r. .., In-!, In-!, In-!, .(,. ,, 'o., Km t'laii e, f -r -r r. a smith throuicb th-.-.. th-.-.. th-.-.. th-.-.. th-.-.. in ciiam.ter, me i, l,uu-j,, l,uu-j,, l,uu-j,, one of the 1. tins city. Anions the let Island I;, c:ii, able of iuiik Inn In a sheet. f M, , ( punch, w hi. h Is u puncin h a one-Inch one-Inch one-Inch bo! ni ine rale or il pumdien to the minute. A rotary bevel shears novels the eig,; of a plate for convenience In c-alk.n-, c-alk.n-, c-alk.n-, c-alk.n-, c-alk.n-, u double-amiou double-amiou double-amiou cplittlm,' shears cuts ,m -el -el Vinco In thl-kness. thl-kness. thl-kness. The rolls take one-Inch one-Inch one-Inch Bteel Killer plate 10 feet wide. The pnuematie Hammers, with which the nhop Is supplied Hlrike blows per minute and make a deafening racket. The Xieoilm Island Hoiler works make 1,0 sp. elulty of any articular ir.ak ' of toiler l'-tnK l'-tnK l'-tnK prepared to manufacture all of the .... ..icjoai ucsiiMlK. JiUt It hlis Irirol,. llu lei.utatlon liv IIS l,,,.t-l, l,,,.t-l, l,,,.t-l, l,,,...l c.'i. Jilnery in ti:e Ni-,,!-rks Ni-,,!-rks Ni-,,!-rks Ni-,,!-rks Ni-,,!-rks Is a ts-lncli ts-lncli ts-lncli ,uii-!i, ,uii-!i, ,uii-!i, a : i:;-I:i.-ii i:;-I:i.-ii i:;-I:i.-ii i:;-I:i.-ii i:;-I:i.-ii round hoi.; .. in. h thick. A smaller for all or. ho iry work. in orie-i,:ch orie-i,:ch orie-i,:ch steel formed, which toiitinu when th; once! a v. as in the namn i.( t!,,. present ollleers of th,; co biikwuo.l, president; c president; 1-J. 1-J. 1-J. L. .oc'kwo treasurer. Alihuieh Mr ZsUv.;,, been Hour mill m.u.h.nety c ti i ion or the c,.w Urtn was , l;i ulariy to the manufacture hiiiety. The oriL-itial oriL-itial oriL-itial idant inai ouolline; imm-fliately imm-fliately imm-fliately on tlie nt avenue and .Main siren, of a machine shop and f,m. eonsiden d quite ness increased -ialty -ialty had lTi th.. at-voted at-voted at-voted par-f par-f par-f .-aw .-aw .-aw mill was in the .rner of Sec-It Sec-It Sec-It consisted ij ana was i-hl, i-hl, i-hl, f I,,,.-,, I,,,.-,, I,,,.-,, pressure hollos, which are supplied to th- th- lircest steam using -onct-rns -onct-rns -onct-rns -onct-rns In the North- North- .... iiiinn n can lift mar e I,, re.,, oil applied, but a few will illilstr:,t,.'.h. r and extent of ih,.'r ,ii..,.e liou-e liou-e liou-e h"rH-'-""A'- h"rH-'-""A'- h"rH-'-""A'- h"rH-'-""A'- h"rH-'-""A'- h"rH-'-""A'- tollers for 'new courU tin. Ctlaract lieO horsepower Two Hlock. Tliree 4,U horsepower ariell I, i ' ' .oi-vsing .oi-vsing .oi-vsing company. Three .( horsepower yman. Partridge & (' ' no itj horsepower boll. i.rewim,' comj.any. -Vine -Vine boilers of variuus M ashl.urn comi any. 'tie ') horse Furnilu pliWe Comnanv Complete steam boiler lllialre Lumber Company. niso :sn tons ,)t liilU, i i'isi,ury-s i'isi,ury-s i'isi,ury-s i.shburn i;-in. i;-in. i;-in. Of the work on hand whll o.-i o.-i o.-i nis esianiisiirnetit name the following: S.-i-eral S.-i-eral S.-i-eral S.-i-eral S.-i-eral v.-airou v.-airou v.-airou tanks for " 1 Company, St. 'aU. 'aai ii, e noli, r tor for A'4-ika A'4-ika A'4-ika hoii- hoii- r for boilers for JSoston boilers for Minne- Minne- l.oll.-rs l.oll.-rs l.oll.-rs far ers fir (Ilueck's siz.-s siz.-s siz.-s for Pills!, lie.-. lie.-. lie.-. bolb-r bolb-r bolb-r far Minneapolis plant for St. woik for the complete in its day. IJusl-and IJusl-and IJusl-and other hnii.to..,.. oooeo i.j ln,, piant until now It t-cupies t-cupies t-cupies about a tmarier of a block. In Is-ei Is-ei Is-ei a fotin-lry fotin-lry fotin-lry was erected on prji-.,. prji-.,. prji-.,. .street ad- ad- j.o.eni. IO in.- in.- parent plant, which Is as inn largest in the city. It Is vuea with cranes for li has two cupolas with a 12 tons In the machine shop and be-t be-t be-t ma -bin, -bin, s in known imply pro- pro- avy casrines and f'.r meltlns the iron, one capacity of 2') tons ar.,1 the other Feme of the largest -liiej:ilX--axi. -liiej:ilX--axi. -liiej:ilX--axi. -liiej:ilX--axi. -liiej:ilX--axi. p. be found, AmoiiB those which attract par ticular attention is a monster planer capable of taking a piece live by six feet and 'a reet in lellifth. A irla.o pulleys ami fly wheels w wheel ?M fei-t fei-t fei-t n diamet XD.eIi)rjri -st -st la I he m a lathe for turning 11 accommodate a r. 1 his l.s iirobible A Northwest. new I was looklntr with Mr. Urns. 1 the Standard mer M to uml-er uml-er uml-er -t. -t. Tills Tills the i triply l-iund l-iund l-iund l-i l-i l-i .i.ufa hoot the West and i s(,-; s(,-; s(,-; lur.-l lur.-l lur.-l by -M. -M. h w ill int-r-. int-r-. int-r-. int-r-. int-r-. ral m-'-h-inies m-'-h-inies m-'-h-inies m-'-h-inies m-'-h-inies m-'-h-inies m-'-h-inies fnetion clutch a place utiiijije 1 its X mpllelly f manlpuiatioi,. -e -e Is al.soblt-. al.soblt-. al.soblt-. ii a.'nu st every ( haraot.-r haraot.-r haraot.-r l'ey in the is I a.-dly a.-dly a.-dly a here the Iok, "rem th- th- ,t I - H e brush. -d -d I net ti. t, of the 1 'in machine or oe bundling of th- th- lemb. 1'r.ise minor speeali i--s i--s i--s i--s trctal inm works bus!ne.- bus!ne.- rnav t '1 n-itenl n-itenl n-itenl saw. in. part, ef a saw mill et at.d dr.pplng. Is I Up t!:.- t!:.- haui-up haui-up haui-up sll.l lumb.-i lumb.-i lumb.-i pa.,v, 11M !,.r gru.l.-r gru.l.-r gru.l.-r iteit sotne d.-vii-e d.-vii-e d.-vii-e d.-vii-e d.-vii-e has no! im- im- r. Among In which boii rs for 'rie.--M-!rtT: 'rie.--M-!rtT: 'rie.--M-!rtT: 'rie.--M-!rtT: 'rie.--M-!rtT: 'rie.--M-!rtT: Uiiier for Ft r, I'ananna Ch ef, for far! H !l. r Ac: include all the work n-.ir n-.ir n-.ir es a fair ind-x ind-x ind-x of t! e eharao-nt eharao-nt eharao-nt of one jirogrev-sive jirogrev-sive jirogrev-sive .Mlnne- .Mlnne- H 'lU-Tiy. 'lU-Tiy. 'lU-Tiy. ! ,,. ,,. "t'-.'s. "t'-.'s. "t'-.'s. sniok- sniok- sua k h, has done euum-I.-.t-1 euum-I.-.t-1 euum-I.-.t-1 euum-I.-.t-1 euum-I.-.t-1 euum-I.-.t-1 euum-I.-.t-1 eat riait" er ex - Ih poll tir- tir- pti O lb- lb- log rldi.s as the ban-aw ban-aw ban-aw trltnn off th" slabs and ., .,, in iiiusnefi snap.-. snap.-. snap.-. 'i.Ut.-.risjri 'i.Ut.-.risjri 'i.Ut.-.risjri s!- s!- transfer Is probaldv ,t huinin-iike huinin-iike huinin-iike del.-e del.-e del.-e atauit a saw-filch saw-filch saw-filch Is tilied with Ing.-nlous Ing.-nlous Ing.-nlous maehln-i'he maehln-i'he maehln-i'he transfer takes the place of two It acts autoniatleally. As s in. sawed passes over the roiis it mr.kei a stop whl.-h whl.-h whl.-h projects atemt t':r-e t':r-e t':r-e ibove the rolls. This stop turns on m to a cylind. r. w hich operates t wo ." that throw the lumber in fi.un 0f er man. This machine places the mole accurately where It is w.mtel ,) m.-n m.-n m.-n could do n. Th- Th- action of vice so p-rf. p-rf. p-rf. , that it will I... i by a four-inch four-inch four-inch strip as readily as '' car.t. A (.awriuil Is not considered wnnout tins d'-vifi.. d'-vifi.. d'-vifi.. minor devices for the safety ,.f the and convenient control of sawrniil ry have been placed ,,n the market concern, including the Pniv. rsal ' '-racket, '-racket, '-racket, the- the- Wilkinson st-am st-am st-am er. I Unmoral steam jui.ip-siw, jui.ip-siw, jui.ip-siw, K",d-llklr.soii K",d-llklr.soii K",d-llklr.soii pattnt steam slt.d lifter, the nil. r lever guard, sprl.-ig sprl.-ig sprl.-ig cushion er valves. irticular rr.aik.-t rr.aik.-t rr.aik.-t f.jL- f.jL- ,.-,. ,.-,. ,.-,. ..ro lm ts er the West and South, wherever sav.cd Into lutntxr. The Dinmonel . machinery has a national reputa-Is reputa-Is reputa-Is Is due largely to the excellence atious machines produced and aiso act that one of the- the- main features usir-ess usir-ess usir-ess is th' dehlKiilnii and ton. i of saw mills, in this Ibid Mr. ui. the superintendent, has few rlv-IHamond rlv-IHamond rlv-IHamond Iron works contracts to i and build saw mills comid -te -te at J the most successful modern mills It by th.-m. th.-m. th.-m. Among these, may be ,1 the K. W. lia. kt.s Lumber column column I tv tills cite, the mill of the ;ivet- ;ivet- Lumber company, of Mason, n, and that of the Johnson and Ih ci inpany, of Cloquct, M!nn. . " miiis are absolutely modern .-date .-date .-date in evry r- r- s,ert and n -iJ-tU -iJ-tU -iJ-tU -iJ-tU nib.-r nib.-r nib.-r trad". A comi.lete mil! idant ;i"d by the Diamond Iron Works on. India, two years hko and last old, r came for another mill like On th Pacific coast a large uum- uum- mills are also In operation, i m,.r, I Iran Works also does nn hit.-. hit.-. hit.-. loess In irratn elevator nia-Tli.-y nia-Tli.-y nia-Tli.-y nia-Tli.-y nia-Tli.-y make a large lino of every-d every-d every-d in this trad. Including convey-ti";;, convey-ti";;, convey-ti";;, lCilleys, rope sheaves, .-.pur .-.pur .-.pur 'I hey have made a special foa- foa- mat ninery tor mov nir cars na.l ihe market a Standard ear i,nl!ei- i,nl!ei- strong, admirably adapted to th he business and readily coutroib d e also reci-ntly reci-ntly reci-ntly lioughl out and in endless cable rj stein lor traus-nd traus-nd traus-nd switching cars, which is attic attic attention not only of elevator of warehousemen generuly. onr Plants was insialled in a largo hi rat superior lecentlv and ened the way for an extensive in this line. at of the Diamond lion works -hotit -hotit a city blo.-k. blo.-k. blo.-k. It consists oi' mop, pattern ,-hop ,-hop ,-hop and foundry of the concerns of which Minuo-cvery Minuo-cvery Minuo-cvery r'ght to feel proud. JOT ISI.A.M) IIOII.KH WOHKS. ills not only holds its own with working points, but Is actually a loading position in the mun- mun- f steam iMillers. Wm. Pros, the of the Nicollet Island Poller ims that he turns out boiler rior to any that can be had for ! money in the Northwest. His elude the largest users of steam i ooiier plate work in Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota ,na, and he has now under way of marine boilers to be used ill he Yukon river, in Alaska. t of the Nicollet Island Poller erected specially for the pur-hich pur-hich pur-hich It Is now being used. It is et, with an L 4(1 by 40 feet with ; crane cupola 70 feet above the . for the accommodation of the Iraulic riveter, it has a hasc-r hasc-r hasc-r the entire plant in which all s, and auxiliary machinery runs dow free headroom In the main Otie marine Alaska. Tw . mar in S;. ult Kte. j One ma rim Mlntietnnka. This does not A-.y, A-.y, A-.y, but gives ter and i s aooiis iron tllak.-s tllak.-s tllak.-s takti butf.ers, et, Mr. Pros. !,,. prnpiictor of t' e S" ,. Island Poll.-r Poll.-r Poll.-r Works, has w,,rk,, hi-up hi-up hi-up from the bottom. He learned h s t as a b-.-Ueimai-er b-.-Ueimai-er b-.-Ueimai-er b-.-Ueimai-er b-.-Ueimai-er b-.-Ueimai-er b-.-Ueimai-er la the MMwauk. e sn .ps. s.rving bye -.-.,... -.-.,... -.-.,... -.-.,... He work- work- a journeyman In the bail, r shop of i.i.-nu i.i.-nu i.i.-nu tor tiye y. ars. and y years partnership. Lin g.-s. g.-s. g.-s. ('-.n.-ieils' ('-.n.-ieils' ('-.n.-ieils' ('-.n.-ieils' ('-.n.-ieils' & ,, foim.-d. foim.-d. foim.-d. In which Mr. Pros was the partner. In Januaiy i.-.t i.-.t i.-.t Mr. pr, s I, sole nropro-tor nropro-tor nropro-tor of the. leant which h worked s i long to build up. at pi ess. ior ntting cranks on shafting shafting for heavy saw mill work, l.s capable of exerting a pressure of .'ion tons. Thi- Thi- Is i -ir-ticularly -ir-ticularly -ir-ticularly -ir-ticularly handy when a broken shaft com, s into the shop to be re,, I iced, as the pre-s pre-s pre-s is as available for separating the parts as for putting (hern together. During the time that this ( nw-ern nw-ern nw-ern has been in the saw mill machinery hiHir-cs hiHir-cs hiHir-cs the art of making lumber fr,;m saw ;.,gs has undergone several revolutions, ard the machinery has had to keep p.,,.,.. -j -j -hrit -hrit t!,( ... have, always kt pt in the front is perhaps most readily demonstrated bv the fact that n. .i .i saw mm iu .Minneapolis and f mills in the Northw. st have not b ' ... - ""' 1 "'on Jron works. Vhc Cnion Iron woiks lias piaced em the market two machines wba-h wba-h wba-h have lex-am,, lex-am,, lex-am,, th.-ir th.-ir th.-ir siiecialties and whi, h place them in th- th- front rank arr.on, sa-.v-iri.ll sa-.v-iri.ll sa-.v-iri.ll sa-.v-iri.ll sa-.v-iri.ll m.t-.in. m.t-.in. m.t-.in. rv makers. Or.y of these is their iron i-'tau,e i-'tau,e i-'tau,e C.ar.g mill, a decided advance ow-r ow-r ow-r ev. i -thing -thing . is, ; its be,.. It wes bu.it aftea ip- ip- cia.! st i.iy of ,-ang ,-ang ,-ang mills and ail tl.at Is )..--t )..--t )..--t )..--t thi Tkij pt iiti! n -a.f -a.f -;e. -;e. in.-lod- in.-lod- in.-lod- in.-lod- e-itra e-itra e-itra stren smoke stack for the Washburn A feet high and PI f. et In dumet. r. Ti contributed a fair share to the cons of til-- til-- til-- Ilimiis, etc., of the new I a.-tiourn a.-tiourn a.-tiourn dam. r or some time slderalle attention has been pi manufacture of an engine and cre.-imeri.-s. cre.-imeri.-s. cre.-imeri.-s. cre.-imeri.-s. cre.-imeri.-s. Within a ft w we. plants hay" been furnished for crcam-ries crcam-ries crcam-ries in New Halem, Green Island, Hem' -rson, -rson, lielano, Irayton. and one plant is about ready to go to Kden Prairie. The Maine-apolis Maine-apolis Maine-apolis Iron Vorks has on hand pr-bahly pr-bahly pr-bahly the larg-st larg-st larg-st stock of loiler flues to be found in the Northwest. TI1K MIKTHW K!STI-:H K!STI-:H K!STI-:H I-'OlMSUy. I-'OlMSUy. I-'OlMSUy. The mcst commodious and c-otiv.-nient c-otiv.-nient c-otiv.-nient c-otiv.-nient c-otiv.-nient foundry plant in Minneapolis is geiieially conredeu to be that of the Northwestern foundry. Tenth avenue south an I Third l.'.rg-st l.'.rg-st l.'.rg-st manufacturing plant In Minneapolis is, pnbtbly, that of ol:s Thra- Thra- hit g M :ei ine con , ,ny Minneapolis. It is the larg. st in tnd also th-' th-' th-' largest in number of mployed. Although a large amouol of lumber goes Into its varii-1 varii-1 varii-1 products, this factory may safely be counted In the iron Industry of Minneapolis. Some, idea of the magnitude and tmsrt-i.nee tmsrt-i.nee tmsrt-i.nee of this Industry to Ihe Northwest may bo Inferred by the ttitement that It annually annually receives ebout 1,00) carloads of the raw materials, including fuel, and shies all ove r the West and Northwest, 7'M carloads of its finished product. It requires annually annually 2.0t) tons of pig Iron for its castings, 1,300 tons of steel far the boiler and machine shops, Sou tons of re signs. ornametal ". - rv.e. '.4 r.'' k . 1 - w T 4 "nirv ' ' Training S at hool. THE NOP.THWKSTKP.N' KOUNDUY. W huge en s;uo- s;uo- strcet. S. T. l'erguson. proprietor. This institution is one of the oldest in the city, it was 1 siai.-lislied siai.-lislied siai.-lislied in isTI and has been Et-ai Et-ai Et-ai iiy growing in importance and facilities facilities i-.s i-.s i-.s well as reputation until tier,, is probably 1:0 oth.r Iron walking institution in the city that is so universally known. it a so fuse .ih t w a y rd c, r ! a-i a-i a-i M. W. was 1 -nt -nt hit 1 VI H(; M MllllHH tl M M I it 'll ItlNfi ( 'OUI'WV, Til- Til- Strong & Northway M.-inufa.-turit.g M.-inufa.-turit.g M.-inufa.-turit.g M.-inufa.-turit.g M.-inufa.-turit.g f'ompany was organized in January. P:C. c:i 1 purchased the Minneapolis plant of what hid l-en l-en l-en the Wilford & xr;hwiv :orniMiiy. which, aft.r a v.-rv v.-rv v.-rv successful career In Minneapolis, R-,1S R-,1S R-,1S induced to extend extend Its business and establish a factory at Jot Ian, Minn. The Inter vetiuire proved unsuccessful, and the V.'rford i -M.nri-way -M.nri-way -M.nri-way -M.nri-way lompany became insolv ill" strong .Northway Com pat.-.i pat.-.i pat.-.i to take up Ihe business formerly ionductel by the- the- urigin;il concern. W. P. Northway, for 17 years in the Hour mill machinery business in Minneapolis, one of the best known mill builders in t'.V Northwest, Northwest, assumed charge of the practical v.ork in the shot,, an I A. W. Strong became became the financial num. The work of the Strong Sr Northway Company is In the line of flour mill t:;a-chlmry. t:;a-chlmry. t:;a-chlmry. They furnish all kinds of mill .rk. or g neral supplies, or tie y w I'd t to build a flour or meal mill cora- cora- Tliis company dots a large trade In -nt. -nt. .any prc- prc- extta heavy cr,u,k of ijibi aci ;i of maciiin.s. l.ra-ny l.ra-ny l.ra-ny srr.t.-.l. srr.t.-.l. srr.t.-.l. conm-'i.-!pit: conm-'i.-!pit: conm-'i.-!pit: conm-'i.-!pit: conm-'i.-!pit: with irnproyel Previous to I"" lir. liei-tcl liei-tcl liei-tcl with the Monit, number of years. He ,.ov uuMiii.ss in tnat year ar.ei iorim-,1 iorim-,1 iorim-,1 a partnership with (Jt-cgor (Jt-cgor (Jt-cgor Alenzel, the tirm h ing known as Menzel fi Ferguson. wi,.-!i wi,.-!i wi,.-!i con 1 1 n uel in bu.inesa from Wk to ls:n wh. a Ferguson wis en ur Plow wenks for withdrew from th year and formed Mr. Duri: 1 -M.son -M.son succeed, d t ar tins j eriod tins (on the bii-:: bii-:: bii-:: r:i t-as t-as t-as a .... Irl", "A iKil - - ii 1 lion w-contrae w-contrae w-contrae plele, .Vc-.:- .Vc-.:- .Vc-.:- .Vc-.:- 1 i" y , ' ... ... ..1. v v 1 f 1 7 'at,' 1 r t H 5V 5. 1 """i 1 "S -.. -.. ,i" I f pr - " i lined bar Iron, Vt) tons of tens of malleable castings chains. These immense e.uantitics steel, which only sugg.-it sugg.-it sugg.-it : he of supplementary material n-a n-a n-a great manui'ac'.uring plant. sheet and 7 Iron, tons ot iron and great amount ct ssary about arc made into 1 olis senar; self a utoi ..11 loa trac-ltor-a trac-ltor-a trac-ltor-a trac-ltor-a trac-ltor-a f 1- 1- Ci'tiC. d.-rs. d.-rs. d.-rs. TNION IRON WORKS I RON FRAME ""o circulation bearings; the McKvllla c.-.. c.-.. c.-.. illation mechanism for the sash, the b-.-s-t b-.-s-t b-.-s-t b-.-s-t b-.-s-t b-.-s-t b-.-s-t ever Invented; fe.m continuous and Va l ie hie. the feci w orks bein.r ahoen tt,., c.ou 111 oaaiii Slgnt; nas steam movable in either din c-ti c-ti c-ti .n and press i ,sii v lloor rolls, managed. DOrpLK OAX.5 KDGnit. Another machine which has won Ing place In saw mill equipment I'nlon Iron Works' new 'Double c.uger, v.nieh has been on the market for several y.-ars. y.-ars. y.-ars. It is easily the hesi ma iler d cl in all it upon si, per hups OA N(j NI LLS. oscly to its one line, foundry work s branchts It has never gone off !e issues and,lts steady success is largely ;it tt ibutable to lis maita a. le id-is id-is id-is t!n U.i ng e-hlne e-hlne e-hlne i, i ve tiiink lany, wrote "Th the of its sales STRONG AND NORTilWA V FKlaD MILL dressing toils for flour ard oil meal mills throughout the Northwest. Put they make a particular spc-ialty spc-ialty spc-ialty of dressing the rolis ior nao.-r nao.-r nao.-r mips. As lar as 1 was aide to learn, they are the only concern miking a specialty of this work, and they have had Kt.-at Kt.-at Kt.-at Httccuss in tills field. One sf.eeial product of the Strong & Northway Company, and one in which particular particular pride is felt, is the Northway Hour roller corn and feed mill. This mill is run exclusively by belting, there being no gears 011 any of the roiis. The points claimed for the belt-driven belt-driven belt-driven mills over others are: Noiseless; more even grinding; the differ-criliai differ-criliai differ-criliai ppeeels can be cliang.il easily; the wear on the rolls can be taken up, and minimum ln repair of cos;. The plant of the Strong & Northway Manufacturing Company is at Fifth avenue avenue south and Second street, occupying two Hoars of a commodious brick building. The olticers of the company are: W. P. Northway. president; Robert S. Northway! vice-president; vice-president; vice-president; A. W. Strong, secretary and treasurer. The motto of their business Is "Good Work and Prompt Service." I'pon this basis they have enjoyed a good, prosperous prosperous year since their organization. 1 dnery in this plant l.s as large lata as can be found anywhere, die riveter rererred to is a iffalr, alone Involving an lnvest-,0c.i). lnvest-,0c.i). lnvest-,0c.i). It has compressing power and presses an inch rivet Into ie operation. A traveling crane ;mcit.y of 25 tons, handles the -rs -rs with facility und ease. Ones st boilers made by Ihe use of IHI-: IHI-: IHI-: IM( IKO WORKS. Tbe I'nlon Iron Works is one of the pioneers pioneers in the iron trade of tho Northwest. J. K. Deiekwood, the president of the cor- cor- i.uiauoii, siarieu in a small shop on -t -t . west side of the river, about Second sttVi and Ninth avenue south, away back In 1S72 Ills business then was largely in connection with the manufacture and repair of Hour mill machinery. It will be of interest to many to learn that Mr. Lockwood corrugat- corrugat- eu aim umsneii the nrst set of chilled iron roils tor tlie Hungarian process of milling iiiiiuo in ine r.ortnwest. There was one set of rolls, cast at Ansonla, Conn., and corrugated at Paltimore, that ante-dated ante-dated ante-dated his event. The lirst rolls mado in M.hne-apolis M.hne-apolis M.hne-apolis were cast in one of the local foun-daries foun-daries foun-daries and tho process of chilling was not understood so that the rolls did not stand wear. They chipped out as though honeycombed. honeycombed. After several attempts to use home castings they were ordered from Ansonla, Ansonla, where the foundrymen had hud ex-per.ence ex-per.ence ex-per.ence in the making of rolls for paper manufacture. Mr. Lockwood was also tho first manu-turc-r manu-turc-r manu-turc-r manu-turc-r manu-turc-r cf middlings puriiiers in America, lie made the original La Croix purifier, famous In the history of milling beeauso ll opened the way for the greatest advance ln iniUin made for years ami also, notable as a leadnlg feature in the famous "purl-tier "purl-tier "purl-tier cases." In 1S79 tho St. Anthony Iron works, was burned down. It had been located on the Fast side mar the site of tho present Lnion Iron works, Main Mreet and Second avenue southeast. After the flro Mr. Lock, wood associated himself with Mr. Uptan and Ny-berg Ny-berg Ny-berg and the co-partnership co-partnership co-partnership Lockwood. Upton and company WM k il l ever ma le. an i its d-monstrated d-monstrated d-monstrated that saw .toll nun so. Toe II. C. Akei.y Lumber Co:n-in Co:n-in Co:n-in a letter praising the machine, to the Cnion Iron oi ks us follows: large i-dg. i-dg. i-dg. r we lave in our mill ame as you are t.o.v niakin is a wonder to all who sc.- sc.- it work. One circular circular and t ne-h ne-h ne-h ilf of the e liter cuts I 'e - . feet of lumber every 10 hours. it 1,,,'xv-- 1,,,'xv-- 1,,,'xv-- -.ms -.ms coio-w coio-w coio-w ise oui ot sma oes. a:,. timbers up to 8x12. the saws takin ; !-lueh !-lueh !-lueh plunks from two sides of tlie cant in ca.-,o ca.-,o ca.-,o ihe cant is too huge for th.- th.- timi.T you b tend to make." Resides a large line of jobbing, consists of heavy and lit,, it foundiy and almost ev ry species of maehim woik, the I'nion Iron Works docs a amount of dressing of rolls for llojr evctla ung.y at It brings sue- sue- vv ill I w.m-.i w.m-.i w.m-.i work shot, large no. I,. ti' tor No: in. prop T1IK K.Kil.K IllOX WORK. One- One- of the busiest Jobbing shops in Minneapolis Minneapolis is that of the Magic Iron Works, V. S. Hall, proprietor. Mr. iiall is probably as well known as any mechanic in the city. Ho has been at work about the nulls tor the past 20 years, and has run a business of his own ever since the great mill explosion. The works are at Fifth avenue south and Second street and are capable of working a) men to an advantage, about 20 be.r.g at work tliis sprin;,'. Mr. Hall makes no stock product, doing strictly a Jobbing business, making shafting, pulleys, gears, hangers and elevator and mill work generally. Considerable Considerable attention is devoted to repair work. One of the principal Jobs which this works has recently completed is corn starch mill built for the Douglas Milling company of Agnus Calient -s, -s, Mexico. Mr. Hall built all the machinery according to plans and speclilcations and went to Mexico to sec that it was properly set u;. During the past few months he has had some extensive jobs from the grain elevators, elevators, and some important mill machinery repairs. He has recently undertaken considerable considerable work for the Willford Manufacturing company, which was burned out not long ago at Jordan, Minn. Mr. J lull prides himself upon the promptness promptness with which be carries out an order. He seldom fails to deliver any work, be it large or small ut thu time "nominated in the bond." as 10,- 10,- of ,n avo- avo- MIVNKArOLIH IIU)N AVDUKS. Tho Minneapolis Iron Works, D. M. Gil-more Gil-more Gil-more & Co., proprietors, has been under tlie present management since lx:i:I. Previously It was controlled by the G. W. Crane Company. Company. The business of the Institution is very general. They make steam boilers, s-moke s-moke s-moke stacks, heavy sheet iron work of all kinds, including intake pipes, etc. Then they have a machine shop from which they turn out a line of small steam engines, all kinds of grain elevator machinery, horse powers, and a corn sheller which has attracted attracted considerable attention, J. K. (ill-more (ill-more (ill-more Is manager of tho iron works, and Is building up a tine business. The Minneapolis Iron Works occupy a quarter of the block at Fourth street and Ninth avenue south, and through the courtesy courtesy of the Northwestern Foundry they have trackage facilities on the Milwaukee road. During the administration of Mr. Gllmore the boiler business has been greatly built up. Among some of the Jobs during tha ' Keeping CSS." "the distinctive li.-bl li.-bl li.-bl t,f the Northw .-stern .-stern .-stern Foundry includes structural Iran and every speci.s of foundry w,rk, particularly h '.,vy tastings. The line osr.biaecs .sietl beams, girders, iron stairs, sidewalk lights, roof tiusses, tire escap. s, iron columns, store fronts, sfver cm ti:!,. water pipe s;,c -ial -ial castings, stable fixtures, 01 ..a.ra-ntjl ..a.ra-ntjl ..a.ra-ntjl vise-., vise-., vise-., drinking fountains, etc. Like in nenriy ell branchi s cf the iron business, the trade varies j? really. Sometimes there is n gr .it lush in building, which calls for structural iron. Again, titer... is activity in same ou.er nn,-, nn,-, nn,-, an i His rush is ln that direct Daibp- Daibp- tlie pact three or four ears Icsii was dull in la arly ever line, but it pu 100 up within a few months so iv-neiul iv-neiul iv-neiul revival is laing 1 xp. 1 ieaceii. There is quite a demand at ore-ten. ore-ten. ore-ten. r.e mental in.n va ;es. it,,. !in,' e f the western l-o'indry l-o'indry l-o'indry is very cimpiete, ci ing it. my styles and sizes. They ar. lacg-iy lacg-iy lacg-iy up,. 11 Ic.w.is and in cemetery d icai, aou arc very i-tTectivc i-tTectivc i-tTectivc when planted and trimmed. 1 course, the main business cf th! of any otht r io: miry, is to make fasti;:- fasti;:- inn.-;- inn.-;- inn.-;- inn.-;- iron w-uK.-is w-uK.-is w-uK.-is w-uK.-is w-uK.-is and for a lirgc rang; misceihtiteous purposes. One of the jjbs 11. inn wane 1 went thiough the foundry wilh Mr. Feicufion was a lot of casting for the Minneapolis .street railway, consisting consisting of car bi.,ke siloes and round caps fur electric pel. s. This covend or.e department of the ucik out out in the yard I found consid, raiiic activity in architectural iron. There w.r. beams and columns, a pile of them an iii.'e-shipment. iii.'e-shipment. iii.'e-shipment. One lot was for a builtlin- builtlin- at Milhank, S. D. ; another for a big s' -ie -ie building at Great Falls. Mont., and m il anotner lot tor a budding on N. collet title, Minneapolis. The plant of the Northwestern foundry as stated bef c-e, c-e, c-e, Is at Tenth avenue south and Third street. It occupies a full half of one block and a triangular piece adjacent to the Milwaukee track. This ground is admirably admirably adapted for the convenient handling of heavy eastings at the minimum est A "i"" "l 1,1 ."iiwuiiKce track runs Tenth avenue south the foil 1, . ,.,.. grounds, and along this track Is a of .sheds for the storage of mafer track scales for weighing material ing or going is one of the economies' vi-ment vi-ment vi-ment cranes for loading and unh the heavy iron enabbs the Northw lot.i.u, j 10 tio business w ith the """ " expense. What in true uie luuniiry is unite nppar is. .. jue lounury proper is 60 by s,0 feet divided into two parts, the cupolas occupy - ... .... ,it K.ouiio. a track for moving the molten metal or castings runs the whole length of the foundry door, The three cupolas have an easy welkin" capacity of ,:o tons of metal. Resides tho main building there Is a coal room, several pattern shops and pattern pattern storage rooms and the usual auxiliary departments of a foundry, Including a building building n which two big lathes turn off the ends of tho iron columns, making them set true and ready for construction. Tlie foundry foundry iiirnlshes employment to about 50 men. nlthoinrh 1., 1 . . : , " ii --y --y --y season 100 men coio.i ,,u see ill work in the equipment. As an evidence of what this concern may be called upon to do some statement of the work already done will bo of Interest. In structural Iron tho Northwestern foundry has contributed to the erection of the following following buildings: Minneapolis court house and city hall; Lumber Exchongo, Guaranty r;;,, " 8' mock. Edi-onabSi"a Edi-onabSi"a Edi-onabSi"a ing, llanlt of Commerce bulldlnD- bulldlnD- Twt,, Italia block, Lindsey warehouse, building. KncilibniKh i.oa. Pepin & Parker building, o. VV. Van DuZJn' the following products: Minn" tien engines. Columbian Victory 1 'inyee-Woodbury 'inyee-Woodbury 'inyee-Woodbury horse oo.ve eis, Farmers' Kri.-.id Kri.-.id Kri.-.id stackers stack, is, bagg. is, wMghcrs, wa etc. This faetoiy is m l only 1 lie of the most I ,m, l,-.e l,-.e l,-.e and best eipilpp -1 -1 111 the I'ni:.-,1 I'ni:.-,1 I'ni:.-,1 Stat, s. but its location at A! inn, -.limbs. -.limbs. ,;. the center of the great Northwestern nr.im h. It. has given it tlie spur w hich has f. iv. d II to fully appreciate til- til- nc.-es-dtl.-s nc.-es-dtl.-s nc.-es-dtl.-s nc.-es-dtl.-s nc.-es-dtl.-s nc.-es-dtl.-s nc.-es-dtl.-s of at; id. al thr.-shlng thr.-shlng thr.-shlng outlP. The Mini:, olis tl.i eshcrs are designed for the northern s-1 s-1 s-1 tien where late i-iarv-sts i-iarv-sts i-iarv-sts i-iarv-sts i-iarv-sts and early w t. rs leave .1 narrow maigin for the farm, r to g.-t g.-t g.-t the lest results from his gatheied clop. They have mil the requirements of at. exacting home trade and have more then held th.-ir th.-ir th.-ir own in an enlarged market. In such a brief review as 1 am enable I to give there is no opportunity to tak. up in d..:,-;il d..:,-;il d..:,-;il each of the products of this comiany, comiany, but some slight explanation will be. i'opneiated. Kver since the advent of the tiaction engine as motive power for thrc-di-Ing. thrc-di-Ing. thrc-di-Ing. thrc-di-Ing. thrc-di-Ing. the Inventive tal-iil tal-iil tal-iil of the various thr, shlng machine manufacturers has been dir. .-ted .-ted .-ted toward improving the separator, which, of all farm mi hilieiy. has the most varied and difficult work to p. rform. V'an-1 V'an-1 V'an-1 us devices have had their day and gone. Vibrating machines with separating or agitating agitating pans are now In general use. Th -v -v have pi oven better separators than 11, e others, but in threshing fast they move the straw too slowly, and when the straw piles up separation fails to take place . In l:el the Minneapolis Threshing Machine Machine company designed the Columbian Victory separator, which has proven such a marked success. It moves the straw to the rear as rapidly as it passes the cylinders, agitating n from beneath The straw can 1 ,,t wind as in some others. This machine has been on the market for live years and sold throughout the West from Texas to Manitoba, with the most gratifying results. This is one of the products. It is one WOIIKS, live years ill. 1 from a mndeBt hetrtn. ig has b. n developed one of the most in--sting, in--sting, in--sting, in--sting, thriving and progressive iron in. lib-tries lib-tries lib-tries in the Northwest. In tho Flour City ornamental Works was established at " I'""',rt!i avenue south. The business gr.-w gr.-w gr.-w and larg..T quarters were found at Twelfth 11 venue south and Fourth street, but this also became too cramped so that a building was erected at 117 Third street soutn. last fall, which is likely to be the permanent home of this concern. Artistic wrought iron In all its departments departments is the sptvialty of this Institution. The list of branches Is very large. It Includes Includes bank and office tixtures, passenger elevator enclosures fur office, buildings, wrought iron stairs ard railings, ornamental ami plain iron doors, wrought iron en mer vanerf. iron crestir.gs. iron ences ncaj-Katesesse-- ncaj-Katesesse-- ncaj-Katesesse-- ncaj-Katesesse-- ncaj-Katesesse-- Same of the work done In this city by the Flour City Works Is as artistic as can be iound anywhere in the Inlted States. Among the b-atl b-atl b-atl ng Jobs are the elevator e iiclc.-ur. iiclc.-ur. iiclc.-ur. . stair railings and bank rrxtures of the Phoenix building; also, the Reeve biululng the oncida Hock, the Landour artel. Ml in Minneapolis, the U.nsdale office office in Duluth. the in. re asylum at Fergus . 10s. no, iiome mr the Feeble Minded rarinatnt and the Manual at .Mer.om, 1 ie. Wis. One specialty made by the Flour City Ornamental Works is wrought Iron crosses for marking graves in cemeteries. Those take the plae e of the conventional stone monument and are sold exclusively to Germans. Germans. The custom Is very common hi the old i iuntry nd the German Immigrant is glad of an opportunity to honor the eb-ad eb-ad eb-ad in the dear old country way. These iron rros-Bfs rros-Bfs rros-Bfs run from four to six feet in height and may be either plain or highly artist c according to the price. The usual cost t .....tl. ,, ,, (, sr..i, aunoiijn one order J ran up to K.Vi. On the Iron ctoss is fastemat I a German porcelain name plat" Into which j the usual Mtii.-rsc, Mtii.-rsc, Mtii.-rsc, iption has be en burnt, j making It last while the plate remains ; whole. The crosses are tnct-.i tnct-.i tnct-.i to a pluni-. pluni-. pluni-. bawo slate wiiecr. wh.on is burnt into tho 1 iron. Insuring tii.-m tii.-m tii.-m from rust. Th,v are j shipped all o,r the West, as far South as j lexas an, I extensively Into the Dakota, wiii-iever wiii-iever wiii-iever ine Germ ins have scttl-d scttl-d scttl-d in colo- colo- " " on ui'-.r ui'-.r ui'-.r natoi-al natoi-al natoi-al cu 1 h.s cjnc, r;i also do-s do-s do-s an extensive ne ss in ornamental wrought lion ft nc. s. Cue of its iiti, st jobs in this line was the gate at Hlghi loft. F. 11, Pcay -v's -v's h .ine at Mint:, tonka. They recently l.tnit a f-i:ce f-i:ce f-i:ce lor a r.-ri.t. r.-ri.t. r.-ri.t. ry at Alexandria and they have an i.ialer far another al Willmar. In fact the held in whii ii they have g.s'.e seems 0,000s.. aim luoy are gradually oc ini; iti rnKino Is up to the rvqulremeata f.?rha,K!"r,flr'1 rfss comy nianufac-tar-.-s nianufac-tar-.-s nianufac-tar-.-s nianufac-tar-.-s nianufac-tar-.-s nianufac-tar-.-s nianufac-tar-.-s a number of minor .o,,htii. .. a friction ciutch duIL-v. duIL-v. duIL-v. tx-i.i. tx-i.i. tx-i.i. t. 1. Ively used In its factory nn.l ,!-. ,!-. ,!-. u high ln thu linn. r,m.i.i...i,i.. 1 , , vv.,.,iumBwltt JUO. blng is a.so done by thf.i concern as they are so handy to tha big lumber mills and factories at Camden Place. ing ten ru t..-d t..-d t..-d OH.I.ETTI --HI.HZOG --HI.HZOG --HI.HZOG M AM F.VCTl'RIXQ COMPAXY. No better evidence of the revival ot liada In the United States at this time could be asked than Is to be found In the busmesa of tho Gillette-Herzog Gillette-Herzog Gillette-Herzog Manufacturing company. company. Their foundry tonnage for last Feb-ruary Feb-ruary Feb-ruary was the heaviest la the history ot their business and the contracts for which vh,-y vh,-y vh,-y will bid during the month of April aggregate aa amount greater than during any month since tho lnstitMim V1 utl? Jished. Ihe origin of the present corporation la raced back to the foundry run for many years by Phillip iient,1(f. ln th mn ent corporation was established and the control of the company passed into the hands of L. S. Gillette and P. W. iUrtog ibis continued until lsau whn ... of P. VV. Hersog was aeeiuiri.l n M. Gillette. erseig was acquired by Qeorg Frank .1. T..uOl... ...j e, . t "-"J" "-"J" "-"J" i Bier time that th. eompany prepared to extend Its huln.aa which up to lsw had been confined largely l".ltl! foundry and machine shop werrk ..,c,i nan OWn inherited trnm xierzog. Phillip -t.inii. -t.inii. busi- busi- cupy- cupy- IvINN MID PHFSS OK Flo iy all are as tas as are named. years ex- ex- ur City hay presses are sol 1 cxtcnslye-I cxtcnslye-I cxtcnslye-I over the middle arc. of the Cnlte 1 s as far east as Pennsylvania and to the Rocky mountains. They we-ll we-ll we-ll known in Texas and t ae Dak ,0 in,- in,- on- on- an.-r an.-r an.-r which they 'lhey are a development uf'l perience- perience- In hay-press hay-press hay-press buikhmr and tbev nr. as nearly perfect as mat hinery can be made. These presM's are made by the Klnnatd Press company, whose plant is at Hryant and Forth-fourth Forth-fourth Forth-fourth avenues north, near Camden place. one of tile best quipped iron work. tig establishments in the pit" The Kiniiard Press company Is the outgrowth outgrowth t,f .1 partnershiti consisting of O. R. Kinuard anil Alb, rt Haines, w ho in V2 started making the Kinnnrd press in a factory factory at N'icoll, t avenue and Twenty-iiiiuh Twenty-iiiiuh Twenty-iiiiuh stre.-t. stre.-t. stre.-t. Th-. Th-. Th-. business grew and In 1.S.H) it was d-fided d-fided d-fided to establish a hinge plant at Ihe present, location. A brick faetoiy was erected. ......sisting of a foundiy by feet, a machine shop the same si.,-, si.,-, si.,-, and a wood shop ills., the same size, vyitli a setting setting up room, a l by 7.-, 7.-, 7.-, f, , t. Th. re is a Is.) an engine room, blacksmith shop, etc., and a lerxog. No change has oecured In the per-lonnW per-lonnW per-lonnW of the cortMiration pi.ni ih.i ... lb, A. . Loyne was taken in. The cor-pori.tlon cor-pori.tlon cor-pori.tlon is now officered as follows: U t. Gillette, president; George M. Gillette secretary and treasurer; F. J. Llewllyn' vice president and chief engineer; Peter Lees, superintendent; A. Y. Boyne. manager manager br dge department. The factory of the Glllctte-Hetzo? Glllctte-Hetzo? Glllctte-Hetzo? Manufacturing Manufacturing Company occupies three blocks from thxth to Ninth avenues southeast, between between Second street and the Great Northern tracks, it is in -11 -11 r.-spee-ts r.-spee-ts r.-spee-ts r.-spee-ts r.-spee-ts the largest and most conveniently arrange.! plant to bo louitil in the Northwest. Its machinery is ail modern in de-sign, de-sign, de-sign, and the very latest and lest that money eould buy. A hit of h story shows how a happy experiment experiment led th s concern from its modest start In the oid H. rzog plant to branch out step by si.-p. si.-p. si.-p. until it is now th- th- icre-st icre-st icre-st con-c.iii con-c.iii con-c.iii in tile Northwest. spiotih aftir the interests of !'. w. , m,g had be -i -i ..... quired by .M--.-:s. .M--.-:s. .M--.-:s. .M--.-:s. .M--.-:s. .M--.-:s. Llcwclhn Lees and G 1-lele, 1-lele, 1-lele, they made a bid for in, erection ,,t ..,0 train sh-d sh-d sh-d at the Duluth d-p d-p d-p d. It is true lhey l.a 1 no plant to da th,. work in, tnR when the bids were aw.:rd-d aw.:rd-d aw.:rd-d Ihe Odlett Heizog .Manufacturing Company ware the lucky men. So they prepared at nice to invest about Ml.uw in a plant for the purpose purpose on Sixth avenue southeast and Second street. They completed the Duluth contract, but so rat, id did their business grow that instead instead of Investing $:.oo) In a plant at their present location, they put jn during the years is;.), isai und KrJ something Ilk- Ilk- '-Wl. '-Wl. '-Wl. ' "' the equipment of modem to a steady effort to e tend ana cue contract brought nn.vhe Hay the Gillette-Herzog Gillette-Herzog Gillette-Herzog Manufaeturirir Co-n. Co-n. Co-n. l.any gets applications from Mexico, ., uu ilea ilea and the Hawaiian Islands for bids ,11 work. Hardly a state West of Indiana, runmng fmm Iuislana to the Canadian boundary, that his not bad one or more Gillette & Horsing contracts. No attempt at listing these Jobs wlH be made hut a few taken at random will show their eharticttr. Steel stand pipe. Ik) feet high, K feet diameter, diameter, 211,11) gallons capacity. Alexandili. Ll. l-IOIltllUSOIl l-IOIltllUSOIl l-IOIltllUSOIl 3 lion exterior tien. Steel hl-rhway hl-rhway hl-rhway bridge Francis, Minn. Train shed. 3 la by 1:W Terminal Warehouse t Steel lower anil Mil"... 1 Waseca, Minn. Kiectrolj tic building, ! idnery 14 the business. until to- to- C.lass Block. 1 Iron and Miniicapo.is, steel eoii-strjc- eoii-strjc- eoii-strjc- eoii-strjc- fct Rum river, St. for Si 311 x City 1. lank, SJ feet high, lit Lake City Cop- Cop- ' 1 . i....' .' .4' ... -! -! r ?V'U." ; i A I ' ')' , V i I ,- ,- 1 .'. V.1' . . ),. Jit J Js. v MINN!-VAI.Lli MINN!-VAI.Lli MINN!-VAI.Lli , F". 1; Y ! TJIUKSIUNO MACH1NK COMPANY'S LA RG Ii Ti I RFSI 1 1 ""J H v . - -t -t l,-i., l,-i., l,-i., eU-,2 eU-,2 eU-,2 OCTFITS ON A LAKG It consists of 2. feeder and a '-horse '-horse '-horse power Minneapolis straw-burning straw-burning straw-burning traction Aanneapolis pneumatic straw mucker. engine, a Columbian vlclory separator. RIC D P.IVMH Minneapolis se'.f across of the series iiil. a Cillll- Cillll- C.m-lading C.m-lading C.m-lading 1 stern lowest outsiiie ent on the Inside, without any Increase building, Harrison which alone would .give this factory a first place among farm implement producers. It Is the basis of all others. The traction engines engines which accompany the separating are alnies! us well known. They are built both simple and compound and either wooil or coal burner or straw burner. They are modern and absolutely up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date up-to-date as llnj word "Minneapolis" implies. The horse power and the several uixil-lliarics uixil-lliarics uixil-lliarics aie of Interest principally to tho threshing machine man and the farmer. The wind stacker Is, aside from its great ntllily, a very interesting and novel device. It blows the straw out on tln stack, piling it at the will of the operator ami making t perfect stack without tlie touch of a hum in ban I. The Minneapolis Thrashing Machine Company Company was incorporated In ls7 with a capital of fc!.",(i,i)cu. Its capital has been Increased from time to time until now It Is JI,iioi),ikW. The plant also has been added to from time to time until now it covers 25 acres, em bracing a wood factory, machine shop, foundry, blacksmith shop, boiler shop, paint """I'i "ft"" snop auu storage houses lhe value of tile plant today is probably $2"iil,0iK), the amount of the original capitalization. capitalization. There are employed at the works In West Minneapolis about Ml men ami in the ufllce, 227-9 227-9 227-9 First street north, Minneapolis, 20 men. This does not Include from 3D to 60 men on Ihe road. The cemcern Ina I, a, t. Vt Peoria, 111., Kansas City, Council Rluffs and Mason City, la,, and at Furgo, N. D. The otllcers of the Minneapolis Thrashing Machlno Company and its hoard of directors embrace a list of the best business men lit Minneapolis. W. 8. Ucnton, of the .Minnesota .Minnesota Linseed Oil Company, Is president; H. C. Akeley, tho big lumberman, vice-president. vice-president. vice-president. vice-president. The treasurer and general manager Is F. 15. Kcnnston, J. P. Bushnell secretary and assistant treasurer and W. H. Ritchie assistant secretary. On its board of directors are F. ll. Inslon, of Winston Bros., Judge Charles M. i'ond, W. big friirn,. warehouse about 100 by .0 feet. Tlie fact, try is very conveniently planned, has convenient trackage and is up to da; in every way. The principal business of the Kinnnrd Pr.ss company is about equally divided between between their celebrated hay press and a line of gasolli e engines w hich has been on the market about two years and has had a most gratifying sale. The Klnnard press Is not onlv used for hay but it is admirably adapted' for pressing pressing cxcelsiir. A number of these presses are now so employed and are giving good satisfaction. The Klnmird press is nianti-faelured nianti-faelured nianti-faelured In four sizes; all upon the same principle, however. The largest press Is the Floi.r City Standard, pressing a bale 17 by 22 In, lies and run by six horse power. power. It weighs il.iHO pounds. The same press is also made to press 11 bale 11 bv is. The Hour Clly Junior press is a lighter machine, machine, although It presses bales of the same siss.-, siss.-, siss.-, as the heavier, the difference be-ing be-ing be-ing In Ihe capacity. Ihe points in favor of a Hour City hav press as compared with others are summarized summarized briefly its follows: Has j.) per ei iiii-.ii.-i- iiii-.ii.-i- iiii-.ii.-i- iiii-.ii.-i- iiii-.ii.-i- iiii-.ii.-i- capacity; no elTort to feed it as compared with feeding a lever press-mor,. press-mor,. press-mor,. convenient for man who ties tho bale; does not have to be dismounted or the wheels sunk In the ground for operation-no operation-no operation-no denger to life or limb; no Jerk on horses operating it; can bo set on a barn fit. ,r und operated. Tho' Flour city gasoline engine has been on tho market long enough to demonstrate Its peculiar adaptability for all kinds of light work. The points of superiority claimed for tho "Flour Clly" are economy simplicity, reliability and durability. These' engines are built from 2 to 25 horso power capacity. They are used whenever a light and easily managed power is required, including including grain elevators, npichino shops, printing offlces, small electric light plains! village water woiks, feed mills, etc. A large number ot letters from purchasers demonstrate that the Flour City gasoline per company, about 100.0. square fee' In area. This was one class of work wrh-ii wrh-ii wrh-ii this ce mpany took up. Put they were 1-1 1-1 1-1 into a specialty which protula-s protula-s protula-s to give then more business than tiny other. It is tha building and equipping of smelters and or reduction plants eompl.t.., except the machinery. machinery. For eight years this line has le-ecived le-ecived le-ecived special study ami attention and al a result 11 per cent of the contracts which the Gllleite-Herzog Gllleite-Herzog Gllleite-Herzog company secures are iiM.n their own plans. They have the best mining engineers retained for this work and have been exceptionally successful. Aiuonir mime of their work in this lino Is included a considerable portion of the plant of tin. Anaconda Copper company, at Anacoiiela, Mont., and also the plant of the Huston anil Montana company, at Great Falls, the complete equipment of the Putle ami Host, ,11 nnd the Colorado Mining and .Smelting company, at Putte, Mont., tho Suit Lake Copper and Mining company of .Salt Lake City, ft oh. Since last October they have built the Golden Gate mill of the De Im Mar's Mereur mines, Mcrcur, I tah. the largest iyanid plant in the world, costing about $12'. .) for the building building alone-. alone-. alone-. The cyanide plant of the Cocuitl Cold Mining company, Pland, N. M a:, I the plant of the Pastn and Pay Slate Mining Mining company, of Hay State, Montana, are -two -two more. A telegram received Friday announced announced that they had sc. ure.l the contract foi the rebuilding of the D. & I), sm-iter, sm-iter, sm-iter, at Deadwood, S. D. Sugar making plants in Louisiana, and hydratic plants for tho production of eiec-trioh-5.-a eiec-trioh-5.-a eiec-trioh-5.-a eiec-trioh-5.-a eiec-trioh-5.-a eiec-trioh-5.-a eiec-trioh-5.-a Montana, and many others have been stn-eessf stn-eessf stn-eessf illy built by this company. As stated the foundry is devoted largely to railroad and architectural work. A large machine is kept busy finishing ornamental and structural iron, including stairs. The plant of the Gillc tte-Merzog tte-Merzog tte-Merzog manufacturing manufacturing company employs about .T m.-n m.-n m.-n on an average during eight or nine months of the year. It Is one of the great institutions institutions of which Minneapolis is proud.

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  1. Star Tribune,
  2. 10 Apr 1898, Sun,
  3. Page 29

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  • Minneapolis As A Great Iron Manufacturing Center — 1898

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