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At Minnetonka - of of Ding-ley of to by M 10 of mem-bers-nf in....
of of Ding-ley of to by M 10 of mem-bers-nf in. X k 4- 4- Bp? i f4- f4- a i ifiiiiuciuima I t ,$- ,$- 5-4 5-4 5-4 S: A4 i-t't-'i i-t't-'i i-t't-'i i-t't-'i i-t't-'i '?'! This evening will occur the formal opening opening of the lake theater at Hotel St. Louis. Tne opening had been scheduled for Saturday Saturday evening last, but owing to unfavorable weather the event was nei ssarily postponed. postponed. Everything Is li) readiness including the high "anticipations of guests of the hotel, and with favorable weather, the initial initial program will l given tonight. People from about the lake will be collected hy steamers, making the round of the lakes, commencing at 7 o'clock. t 8 o'clock thu program will begin. The theater is a perfect perfect bower of beauty. It Is the old In lk pavilion, where in the pasd ninny a pleasant hop has been given, transformed. It Is oil the lake and receives the cool lake breezes. It has a seating capacity of it) people, and a large stage for the accommodation of players. The stage is 24x18 feet with dress-lug dress-lug dress-lug rooms on either side. The scenery has all leen painted with the greatest cars and skill by Ti ter Clausen, of MiuneaiKilK s-'enlc s-'enlc s-'enlc artist of the Metropolitan theater. The drop curtain upon which the greatest pains has ber-n ber-n ber-n taken, represents a lake S'-cne S'-cne S'-cne from Minnetonka and is beautiful. The scenes include garden scene, kitchen, parlor, prison, in fact, nearly anything is at hand In the little theater. Mr. Clausen Tuesday evening exoscd his work by electric light to (Jte gaze of the people, and all were surprised at the results accomplished. accomplished. The program for lha evening will Include a short play and numerous sf -cialties. -cialties. Music and dancing will have a prominent place. If the weather Is good this evening, it Is expected that the Beating Beating capclty of the theater will be tested. The regular Wednesday evening hop at Lake Park hotel occurred last evening with a large numlier of young people present. present. The Lake Park hops are certainly drawing the crowds of the lake. The presence of Prof, and Mrs. Malcolm at the hotel no doubt adds to the interest in these iK-cssliins, iK-cssliins, iK-cssliins, which are made Informal so far as dress is concerned. About leu couples participated last evening and desnlte TTin Ileal a pleasant evening was spent. Thir - Lake Park dining hail is by all odds the coolest place on the lake, and with good music It is easy to understand the reasons for the crowds. On Friday evening the tird hop of tho Week w ill be given at Lake Park. In honor of and for the benefit of visiting Elks, who are expected at the lake in Innumerable herds on that day. Manager Delvey is planning to trlve up the entire day to V., antlered guests, and regulars for the time being will have to take a back seat. The hotel is beautifully and exiieriHlvely d orated in Elks" colors, and the visitors will no doubt be pleased with what they near ana see on mat occasion. Lafayette hotel last evening was glvn up to trio pleasures or music and flam-In;?, flam-In;?, flam-In;?, mute a crowd alf-ridilnr. alf-ridilnr. alf-ridilnr. The Lafavef'e has somewhat the lead of the othpr howls' in tne line or music, having regularly ta Straka orchestra, than which there'ls scarcely a better. Several couples from St. I'aul participated In last evening's hop. A good Joke is told on a Lake Park Elk, who positively reiuses to give nis name. In company with a number of other Elks some of whom had ladies, he had crossed the lake In a steamboat, out on a pleasure trip anout tne IHKe. They were In the Acle. one of the safest boats on the lake and Cnpt. Cheeley had landed at tho pavilion below Lafayette. The gentlemen got out of the boat for a short excursion und spent some time under cover of the pavilion, en-Joying en-Joying en-Joying a quiet glass of Schllta. Clouds began began to assume ominous shapes and (.'apt. Cheeley was becoming fearfulof a storm He whistled for his party butgot no response. The ladies in the boat got scared and the captain himself thought It wua time to he moving. He went up to the pavilion and told his men that a heavy wind storm was brewing. The gentleman In question ut first said he wasn't In tiny hurry, but upon seeing the clouds he lost Ids nerve. He told the boalman not to wait for him, hs he didn't care to get in the boat in case of a stoim. He took a train to Minneapolis on the Great Northern and readied LaKi Park hotel on the late train. The way around he thought tho safest way hume. John Merlin, of Cincinnati, a visiting !Jk, Is registered at I-afayette. I-afayette. I-afayette. lie is president of the Christian Meriin Brewing company, one of t lie largest manufacturers of beer in the country. The Minneapolis Yacht Clnb held Hs formal formal house opening last evening. The affair was exclusive in nature, although friends ot members of the club were in attendance. Cards ami dancing were the order of entertainment, and unite a large crowd was present. Refreshments were served late In the evening. Similar parties will tie given by the club at frequent Intervals during tho yachting season. Season gui sis are fast coming at all the hotels on the lake. Ignite a display of fireworks was let oil at Lake Park Hotel last evening, the shooting shooting being superintended by Manager Delvey. Delvey. The evening of July 13 has been set apart by the employes of the S. E. Olson company and Boiitell Brothers for a moonlight moonlight excursion to Lake Minnetonka. A special train will leave the Minneapolis St. Louis station at 7 p. m.. and will arrive at 7:45 at Lake Park Hotel, where the steamer City of St. Iiuis will I In waiting waiting for the excursionists. During the three hours' ride on the lake there will be dancing dancing aboard the boat to the music of the orchestra from the hotel. Supper will be served at Lake Park on the return, followed by dancing until tho return of the special at midnight. Registered at Hotel St. Louis yesterday: Leiiimrd J. Handel. Misses Sarah and Belle Handel, of Chicago: Harry F.ernhurdt, Karl Bernhardt, Teddy Bernhardt, T. A. Pratt, Minneapolis; L. Pratt. West Superior; Superior; J. A. Sink, Superior; N. K. Wilson, Wilson, West Superior; Mrs. V. T. Purlin, St. Paul; H. G. Barnes, Fargo; Mrs. C. E. Wheeler, Fargo; 1. Johnson. St. Paul; J. R. Edwards, Minneapolis; Al Martin and wile; Will Boyle. St. Paul. At Lafayette yesterday: W. I. George and Mrs. George, of St. ) si ul ; Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Mekcsell. Kansas City; S. G. Lund and family, Minneapolis; F". T. Fox and family, Miniieapolis; Miss Fanny Couch, Dubuque; Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Powell, New York; A. W. Edwards, Denver; R. Dotn, Helena, Mont.; Wlliam Bodernct, Cincinnati; Cincinnati; John M'lerlln. Cincinnati; M. F. Helerv, Bart Reailev, Dave Aloe, St. Louis; W. W. Shnddingcr, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. 11. I', Cary. Stillwater. At Lalto Park: Miss Fhattu-k, Fhattu-k, Fhattu-k, M. K. Merritt, J. V. OonlUln. E. I'. Inland, P. J. Martin, of Minneapolis; R. J. Pat tun, Henry Henry Morion. Cincinnati: Mrs. A. B., Mrs. W. D. 1'ogan, U C. Hogan, M. N. Esbv, V. C. Hogan. G. 11. Hurst, of New York; Mr and Mrs. H. d. Slocum, Chicago; Julius Techt. O'tiimwa; David W. Brill, Cincinnati; EdcaT E. Smithy Kansas City; Martin C. Srnun, Kansns City; Mrs. Mo-Loud, Mo-Loud, Mo-Loud, Minneapolis; John Long, Duluth. I A M

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  1. Star Tribune,
  2. 08 Jul 1897, Thu,
  3. Page 7

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