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Director_Rush_asks_why_Selling_film_was_best_stunt___Stunt_Man - of is of a as I lot in Director Rush asks why...
of is of a as I lot in Director Rush asks why Selling film was best stunt Professional thinkers were dissecting dissecting reality as a concept decades decades before it ever came up at a Hollywood story meeting. Today entertainment entertainment speculators speculators talk about "concepts" at their meetings the way underwear underwear manufacturers manufacturers probably talk about the widths of elasticdiscussing elasticdiscussing in dispassionate, JrQ , ' f f v A Rush practical terms how thin they can make a product and still leave the public feeling comfortable. So Richard Rush wasn't surprised surprised that, in this era of comic Auditions Th St. Paul Clown Club Inc. has openings for any person 18 years and older who Is interested In becoming a clown. The club will help with makeup and costume. For more information and a Clown Club application form, call or write Bob Klrkwold, 3526 Ebba St., White Bear Lake, Minn. 55110 (777-0595). (777-0595). (777-0595). The Storyulers are looking for an actresssinger (lyric soprano or light mezzo, aged 18-28) 18-28) 18-28) for their holiday show "The Red Shoes." Auditions for this paid position will be at 3:30 p.m. Sunday at the Playwrights' Center, 2301 E. Franklin Ave. Interested persons persons should prepare a ballad and contemporary contemporary comedy piece. book blockbusters and made-for-pigeonholes-movies, made-for-pigeonholes-movies, made-for-pigeonholes-movies, made-for-pigeonholes-movies, made-for-pigeonholes-movies, made-for-pigeonholes-movies, made-for-pigeonholes-movies, it took him the better part of the nine years he spent on "The Stunt Man" trying to raise the $6 million he needed to produce it independently. For light entertainment, after all, it Is remarkably dense. And he acknowledges acknowledges that "the talent of reading and interpreting screenplays screenplays is something actors have, writers have, and that many studio directors don't have. "But," the director continued, "everybody knows how to look at a movie. That's what's puzzling me." "The Stunt Man" is a hard movie not to recognize as wonderful. Yet the same studios that declined to finance it, also declined to distribute distribute it, even after preview audiences audiences in Seattle and California acclaimed acclaimed it and proceeded to set box office records. Twentieth-Century Twentieth-Century Twentieth-Century Fox finally picked it up and is promoting promoting It satisfactorily, but for a while it looked as though the movie movie was going to die. Rush, whose last picture, "Free-bie "Free-bie "Free-bie and the Bean," was successful, can't understand It "I think it might be that that old dependable thing called greed has somehow been replaced. It used to be you could rely on that. And now I'm not sure it's what's running the industry. It might be ego. Maybe because they turned it down once, they didn't want to change their minds. "There could be other reasons. Like when somebody goes to a movie, it's as though they're betting betting four or five bucks that they're going to like the picture. They put it down at the box office as sort of a voucher that 'I am ready to be entertained.' "When a studio executive goes to see a movie like this he's saying, 'I hope I don't like this thing, because because if I do I might have to make a decision that will cost me my Job. " I

Clipped from The Minneapolis Star31 Oct 1980, FriPage 31

The Minneapolis Star (Minneapolis, Minnesota)31 Oct 1980, FriPage 31
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  • Director_Rush_asks_why_Selling_film_was_best_stunt___Stunt_Man

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